Glimpses of Grace Summer 2016



ignorant of the dynamics of revival in which they participated! They only knew that their lives, and that of others, were transformed! With the majority today, this is the scenario pictured in the minds of most when revival is mentioned. We can, and should, continue to pray that revival will blanket our land, which many are doing. However, while we are waiting on the Holy Spirit to move, He is awaiting us to receive! We can continue to bemoan the ‘end times’ and excuse ourselves, or we can avail ourselves of the Spirit’s ministry today! But we must adjust our sights to line up on us as individuals with the knowledge that our willing participation in the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus must become actual —not just factual (Rom. 6:6-11). We can plead ignorance of the dynamics of revival and, thereby, excuse ourselves; or we can ‘take the bull by the horns’ and be obedient to scriptural truth. Over the past half century, we have witnessed those from the illiterate to the Ph.D./Th.D. find such renewal or exchange of lives, here and around the world, as God is faithful to honor His calling in 1967 (Isa. 58:10,11). Therefore, we dedicate this issue of Glimpses of Grace to be a candle in our country, which grows darker day by day, and trust that the Holy Spirit will illuminate Scripture to the transformation ( revival ) of those who are ready to lose their lives in order to save them (Matt. 16:25).

“THERE’S GOOD NEWS TONIGHT!” Such was the opening greeting of commentator Gabriel Heatter at the most depressing times during World War II. He always found something encouraging to lift the spirits of his radio audience when all else was bleak! The good news is that the Cross is good news! Today, our situation as a country is, if anything, even more grim since the moral fiber of our country is rapidly coming unraveled from top to bottom, with God all but left out of the equation on the national scene! In spite of this, or because of it, I want to cheerfully announce, “THERE’S GOOD NEWS TODAY!”. Revival is the topic of conversation, but, usually, in pessimistic terms. With a voice of experience, I would like to counter that premise with “ Revival can be had today!” We could define revival as ‘re-living’ since it is typified by new life. Having asserted that, we cannot live two lives at once (though some have tried!). Revival is an exchange of life source—ours for that of Christ; however, if He is to do the living, we must do the dying (Gal. 2:20) to make the exchange! Having experienced and witnessed this for 50 years, I can tell you that revival is yours for the asking since it means to be in the Christ-life basking! This has been taking place individually and en masse since the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus and continues today. Down through the centuries, the Holy Spirit has brought times of refreshing when believers were benighted, but most were

There’s no doubt we need revival That only the Spirit brings, But there’s far from broad agreement About the Fount from which it springs!

While we know the Spirit does it, Mystery seems to surround His working; But it is losing our lives to save them (Matt. 16:25) That we, as believers, are shirking!

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SUMMER, 2016

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